Act! and QuoteWerks are powerful tools that allow you to build and create sophisticated business quotes and proposals.

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We're a QuoteWerks Solutions Partner, and we can help you get more out of your Act! CRM investment

QuoteWerks integrates and leverages the software you already own and know how to use. It centralizes your data and eliminates costly mistakes, all of which ultimately save you time and money.    The combination of QuoteWerks and Act! makes it easier to provide quotes and proposals to prospective customers, combine sales quotes with business development opportunities in the pipeline, and gain visibility into revenue streams from your products and services. 

QuoteWerks+ Act! Solutions:

An Introduction to QuoteWerks

QuoteWerks and Act! Integration Overview 

Why QuoteWerks?

QuoteWerks is specialized software used in every industry for creating sales quotes and proposals. Rather than using Microsoft® Word® or Excel® to create your quotes and proposals, you can benefit from a tool that is specialized for the task of creating quotes and proposals.

How  Does It Work?

QuoteWerks fits into your existing software environment. It works with the software you store your customer information in, such as ACT!, ACT! for Web, and Google Contacts, eliminating the need to re-type customer information. In addition, QuoteWerks has its own built-in contact database.

How We Can Help?

Automated Sales Tools can help you with QuoteWerks installation and customize it exactly with the features you need to manage your business effectively.