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Act! Mobility Solutions -  Act! Companion 

Meet your Act! Companion 

With Act! v24 subscription, you can  be productive from your phone or tablet

Stay connected to key Act! details from your iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™ via Act! Companion. A mobile CRM app that lets you be productive from your phone or tablet. Act! Companion is a native mobile Act!, so it must be downloaded and installed on your phone or tablet just like any other app. The process for getting Act! set up to access Act! Connect depends on how you currently use your Act! Premium subscription.

What's new with Companion  v3.04 update?

Now Act! Companion v3.04 release has even more capabilities. This version of Act! Companion is new and completely redesigned for Act! CRM with new capabilities such as Expand History, Expand Activities, Notification Enhancements, Add Setting Menu, and Additional Details on Contact Detail View. Also many bug fixes and improvements!  

New Features

Act! Mobility Solutions - Act!   Handheld Contact

Handheld Contact Is The Leading Mobile Solution for Act!

What's new with Handheld features:

Using the latest version of any Handheld Contact app - is important so you can take advantage of the latest features and security improvements. 

New Home Screen - for easy access to all Handheld contact features.

New Search - feature allows mobile users to create lookups with up to ten fields, and save them for use later.

New Favorites buttons - enable users to quickly access the contacts they call most wile preserving the Act! history tracking.

New User Interface - to further replicate the Act! experience on the mobile.

We can help determine and recommend what Handheld Contact product and features you could use based on what Act! CRM version and mobile devices currently used. Handheld Contact offers different subscription plans that we can recommend to fit your needs.