Gain immediate access to your Act! data from anywhere, at any time with Act! mobility solutions.

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Act! Mobility Solutions -  Act! Companion 

Meet your Act! Companion  Mobil App

Now, with Act! subscription, you can  be productive from your phone or tablet

Stay connected to key Act! details from your iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™ via Act! Companion. A mobile CRM app that lets you be productive from your phone or tablet. Act! Companion is a native mobile Act!, so it must be downloaded and installed on your phone or tablet like any other app. 

Act! Mobility Solutions - Act!   Handheld Contact

Handheld Contact enables two-way, wireless syncing between your PDA and Act! CRM. Effortlessly manage your contacts and schedule your activities as you would in Act!

We can help determine and recommend what Handheld Contact product and features you could use based on what Act! CRM version and mobile devices currently used. Handheld Contact offers different subscription plans that we can recommend to fit your needs.