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Act! Integration Solutions

Act! Vertical Database Solutions

Vertical solutions that fit industry information and processes tailored to your needs. We can help customize them with your Act! without the need for a programmer, saving you the expense.

Act! CRM for Real Estate

We Support Act! Vertical Database Solutions for the Real Estate   Industry. Act! CRM software is the ultimate solution for real estate agents to help them better manage their properties, optimize their productivity, and follow up with potential buyers.

Why Act! for Real Estate and How can we help?

Act! CRM for the Insurance Proffessionals

Insurance agencies are typically swamped with requests for quotes and pricing. An insurance CRM solution can help you automatically capture lead information from your website and allocate the most qualified leads to your sales team for real-time follow-up.  

Automated lead management and lead scoring enable your agents to quickly follow up and nurture prospects through the sales pipeline, which saves time while pushing more valuable leads to the top of the list.  

Key benefits   Act! CRM for the Insurance Professional:

Act! CRM for Finacial Advisor

ACT! helps finance professionals and institutions better serve their clients by making customer service simple and automated. Identify your high-value clients, improve customer relationships, and decrease your sales cycle time while increasing conversion.