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Act! Custom Tables and Reports

How Do We Help With Act! Custom Tables?

Customized tables provide maximum adaptability so you can bring complex data sets, unique business processes, and specialized industry practices together in Act! to manage your business. We can customize table features and build tailored vertical solutions to help you manage your important business data in one place. Custom Tables enable you to embed tables with spreadsheet-like functionality into Act!, so you can track rich, specialized data. But unlike spreadsheets, you can associate individual table entries to Act! contacts, companies, groups, and opportunities for easy reference. 

Act! Custom Tables are flexible by their nature, allowing them to adapt to any number of data solutions. Automated Sales Tools can help you get the most out of your Act! CRM system with custom table support.

Custom Tables & Industry Templates 

Act! custom tables and industry templates have maximum adaptability. Manage detailed, industry-specific data like insurance policies, service contracts, mortgages, or projects with ease.   With ACT! reports, users can generate notes, history, activity, sales opportunities, company, group, and contact reports. Default reports can be customized to a greater or lesser degree (or new reports created), and then the report can be filtered at run-time by date ranges, record manager, etc.

Get the most out of your Act! reporting capabilities

While creating ACT! default reports are easy to create there are many capabilities, such as-as modifying existing reports and creating report templates customization, the user may not be aware exist. Automated Sales Tools Certified Consultants are pros at helping you get the most out of your reporting capabilities. Give us a call at 1-886-915-9399 to schedule a time to discuss your reporting needs.