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Optimized Your Act! with Add-ons Solution

With so many Add-On solutions available, it can be difficult to know which ones are best for your business. Automated Sales Tools can help you find the right tools that integrate and optimize your Act! capabilities.

Why Act! Connect Link?

Act! Connect Link is a service that allows Act! connections like the Act! Companion mobile app, the Act! Premium Contact Link and Zapier to connect to your Act! Premium database without the need for you to install Act! Premium (access via web), host a secure web server, or the need to configure firewall settings. After installing Act! Premium for Windows, you can find your unique Act! Connect Link URL on the top of the Act! Connect page in Act!, which you can then use to connect to Companion, Contact Link or Zapier. 

How does it work?

To get the Act! Connect Link, current Act! subscribers must be on Act! v18.2 or later. With via Act! Connect Link enables you to connect with hundreds of popular apps and helps you integrate with the apps you use most fully. App integration seamlessly connects your Act! CRM software and third-party integrations or applications, plus eliminating the hassle of constantly switching between apps. Following are some of the most popular addons and apps categories:

Additional Act! Add-ons  solutions offers 

Which Apps are the best for your business?

To learn more about Act! integration apps solutions, contact one of our team certified consultants. We offer consultation, support and training for a full range of Act! applications integration and productivity tools.